Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Living example remains the most effective sermon

Living example remains the most effective sermon

By Bob Garon
TODAY Newspaper
Tuesday, November 2, 2004 12:00 AM

Dear Bob: I would just like to add to your article (since you were looking for possible answers to this “moral quagmire” that we are in) that it would seem the changes that we are looking for, or, better yet, the Catholic coherence we are so in need of, are really in the hands—the mind, the heart and the will—of each and every one of us and not just in those people, i.e., church clergy and hierarchy, whom you have cited in the article.

Each one of us, as free individuals, should struggle (with the grace of God through the sacraments and prayer) to live according to our Catholic identity. I think that the Church, in so far as she is able to reach the millions of us, has not been idle in the effort to educate us in Catholic doctrine, form us with her constant admonitions with regard to our moral life and administer the sacraments for our sanctification. But it is still up to each one to respond to what we receive by being disposed to be formed, to live a true life of piety, to frequent the sacraments and to really struggle in the midst of the ordinary and day-to-day circumstances we find ourselves in.

I find that to always point the finger at some other person is very convenient but I have to examine myself first. I find my own weaknesses and lack of effort to be a coherent Catholic and if I try to improve myself first, then that’s one small effort to improve society, is it not? And that is not even the first intention (improvement of society). The first and best intention would always be to do what is asked of us Catholics because God asks, because through this we are able to repay His love.

I think we each have to be personally responsible for our Christian vocation to reach God and to help others reach Him, too. I know you, with your effort to raise the consciousness of those concerned, are doing a big part. Please include the invitation to all the Catholic faithful to also do theirs.

Thank you and more power.



You are absolutely correct, Loreen, in every word you have written. If only we would do as you say, our country would quickly become the best that it could be.

It’s clear that you are one of those who are living what they preach. We need more like you. Sadly, however, that is not the case, as can be seen by mere observing what’s happening around us.

The truth is that we have become complacent and mediocre. We have become too comfortable with the evil that surrounds us. We mind our own business, but don’t care enough to take action to bring about substantive changes that need to be done.

I surely don’t mean to make excuses for each one of us, followers of Christ, but just the same, the corruption we see, feel and that touches us every day cannot be ignored if we are to be true soldiers of Christ.

I still believe that we need stronger leadership on the part of our churchmen. I am not attacking the Church that I so dearly love. No! I am, however, reminding in the strongest terms those religious leaders who are tasked to show the way. We are a reflection of them. Sure they are doing much, but the times call for much more.More must be done. The call to holiness cannot be heard very well nowadays. It isn’t enough to talk about it. The most effective sermon is the living example. Yes, we have wonderful, hard-working and holy priests, but they are too few. We need more, many more.

I continue to maintain that our priests are in great need of deep and effective renewal. The standards of the priesthood have fallen. We need to raise the bar.


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